A story of freshness


Meet pashana

      Hi, I'm Pashana also known as Pash. Thank you for visiting my site. Pashana.com is a space reflective of my personal style and aesthetic. A creative outlet to share all things posh!  Each of my collections are designed based on my love of fashion, product quality, edge, and individualism. I work with socially responsible companies to create collections that are of high quality, and produced responsibly. 

        As a child I always had dreams of creating my own brand. I learned how to sew and began making doll dresses. I entered the retail world at the young age of 16. Over the next 15 years I learned about product quality, customer service,  and retail management. I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles, Ca and began my first blog. Pashana.com became my 5th child and I have poured my love and attention into it. To each and every person visiting and supporting my site

Thank You!