July 24, 2020

About a year and a half ago I was roaming through Barnes and Noble searching for something to read, when I came across this book. "Dressed in Dreams: A Black Girl's Love Letter to the Power of Fashion" by: Tanisha C. Ford, of course I was immediately drawn to the title...

July 1, 2020

 Additional Pieces coming soon! 

May 4, 2020

Ok I had already been braiding my sons Max's hair in what is now known as the "Pop Smoke Braids", but I'll keep it real I hadn't considered the style for myself until I seen them look super cute on Kim K. My plan was to get them done in April because its normally a bus...

August 8, 2019

Self care is the practice of protecting our own well-being and happiness particularly when it comes to stress. I don't know if it's a parent thing or what but I always have this underlying layer of stress that lives in my brain. It's that virtual file cabinet that has...

July 20, 2019

Recently an article was published on iheartintelligence.com stating that "Psychologists Recommend Mothers Should Take Breaks Also Known as "Mom-cations." ...um DUH!!! Are we really just now realizing this?....men? Of course we should take mom-cations, you want to keep...

January 9, 2019

Last year in 2018 my some-what neglected Imac desktop computer just stopped turning on for some reason. We are a family full of gadgets from iPhones to tablets, laptops, etc...with all of these options for wiring in, we hardly ever used the desktop anymore so I guess i...

January 4, 2019

It was love at first sight when this generous person walked into my sewing class and offered us students a ton of free fabric. I saw this absolutely beautiful luxurious velvet burnout metallic animal print fabric in one of the boxes. I couldn't believe how much of it t...

November 19, 2018

The Nail Shop

My favorite place to stop.

Twice a month maybe more,

for me its mandatory that my nails stay hot.

Sometimes I'm blood gangin' or maybe big crippin',

it really just depends on how I'm feelin'.

Clear to match my ice or black like a villain,

my colors stay changin'...

November 8, 2018

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend an event at the Christian Louboutin store on N. Robertson blvd in Los Angeles for the release of the new LOVE collection. The event was hosted my Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers. 10% of the evenings proceeds were donated to...

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