Falling for fall

October 27, 2016
Ok so I'm sure we've all heard the terms"cuddle season," "cuffing season" etc... When the seasons change, it seems like our need for companionship does as well. I am married so of course I have a companion but even in marriage the seasons take affect. The want to cuddle, and be next to someone is even more present, but why?...... Is it just because its cold outside and the holidays bring on feelings of warmth, & family. Or is there some scientific explanation as to why our brains completely switch from wild, young and free, to calm, stable, and in love? This got me thinking and researching.
As the seasons change and there is less sunlight our bodies loose energy and produces extra amounts of melatonin which triggers sleepiness, and fatigue. Some people actually experience a form of depression during this time known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). For the rest of us the loss of energy unconsciously makes us want to stay inside, cuddle, and feel an overall sense of warmth. Creating what we know today as "cuffing season." 
When the seasons change we are also reminded of the upcoming holidays and festivities. Leaves are falling, colors are changing and there's so much beauty to be seen. Use the holiday season to surround yourself with family, and friends. Take part in holiday events and activities, this is a great way to boost energy and positivity during gray skies. 
  • Sunnies: Dolce & Gabbana 
  • Pashmina: NastyGal
  • Turtleneck: H&M
  • Jeans: Fashion Nova
  • Boots: Jimmy Choo

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