March, 8, 2017

Today is March 8, 2017.  International Women's Day what better time than now to celebrate and acknowledge this day? And what better topic for today than "Do It Yourself?" Whether it's changing your oil, taking yourself out to dinner, or making your own skirt. As women at some point or another we have to do it ourselves. For years I have enjoyed sewing, it's something I picked up from my grandmother as a kid, but I always lacked the confidence to actually wear something I made. Remember that post I wrote when I told you guys turning 30 comes with a whole new level of confidence?  There it is! Finally ya girl stepped it up and created this super cute pencil skirt, that was formally a pair of pants collecting dust in the back of my closet. Read below for step-by-step instructions to make your own, its easier than you think.
As probably most women, I always have a bag of clothes that I plan on having hemmed, shortened, or whatever but never actually get to, well luckily I had these pants, to play with.
To create your own pencil skirt you will need:
  • a pair of pants your size or bigger 
  • scissors
  • matching thread
  • pins
  • clear ruler or measuring tape
Step 1: Make sure the pair of pants sit on the waist or hip where you would like. You can use any material (avoid leather, and denim when first starting)
Step 2: Cut up the seams on the inside of the pants. Be sure to cut all the way through the crotch so that it lays flat 
Step 3: Fold in half at the crotch and pin a straight line down the middle, of the front. You should now have extra fabric right at the crotch area. 
Step 4: Pin the legs together, down the area you just cut. Leave about 1" of excess material on the bottom of your skirt for a backstitch or slit. 
Step 5: At this time you can cut the length of your skirt, or if you want a slit don't sew the back all the way up.
Step 6: Turn the skirt inside out and sew up the edges. If you pinned your skirt good it shouldn't move making it easy to sew a straight line use as many pins as necessary. 
Step 7: Try on and adjust the length as needed. 
Give it a try! Its quick and really easy. Be sure to leave me a comment below with your questions or thoughts. As always thanks for reading


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