October 16, 2016

Life and the experiences we go through sometimes effect us so deeply that we don't realize how it's affecting our day to day. It is easy to say we're over something, or past something but it is not so easy to convince our subconscious of the same. Before we know it we are reacting to something in a way we probably wouldn't have before, but our reaction is a result of our past experiences. Therefore it's important to take steps to nurture our brains and keep our minds in positive places. Below I have listed 6 steps that I have incorporated in my life to naturally boost my energy, my mind, and my happiness. 
  • Exercise: Moving helps to keep our hearts and our minds healthy. Find some source of activity fitness classes, sports, or just playing outside with the kids are good ways to stay active.
  • Music​: Studies have proven that music has a healthy impact on the mind. Everyday after taking my kids to school I put on music while I'm cleaning, my house, getting dressed, and exercising. Music boosts happiness, positive thoughts, and energy. Sing along you don't have to sound like Beyonce:)
  • Sleep: A lack of sleep contributes to poor decision making, depressed mood, and believe it or not it also enables you to loose weight (how much does that suck:/) so make sure to get plenty of rest.
  • BEAUTY: Get out and surround yourself with beauty, not photoshopped, social media beauty. I mean real beauty, like gardens, parks, beaches. Visit places or just take a second to take in the beauty around you. Its helps to keep our minds in a positive place
  • Help Others: Helping other people or doing good deeds, releases chemicals in the brain, that result in good feelings. Helping those in need will leave a positive impact on them and you.
  • Eat well: Trade in processed foods for colorful fruits and vegetables. Getting more vitamins and fiber boosts health for the body and mind. 
  • Sweater: Forever 21
  • Dress: SonyaBeeBoutique
  • Boots: Jimmy Choo
  • Bag: Louis Vuitton 

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