March 15, 2017

Let's be honest, although some of us may crave high fashion from the runway, our budgets usually keep us from indulging. It does not however, stop us from being inspired. This is known as the "trickle down and sometimes trickle up affect." I'll explain, fashion is always changing, "what's next" is the primary thought process behind keeping up with the industry. Our favorite style icons flock to fashion shows season after season to shop the newest & hottest items from the runway. Must be nice right? Those trends and styles then "trickle down" to us and we use them in our own ways. Trends "trickle up" when designers are inspired by street style. They recreate a basic street look, slap a huge price tag on it, and throw it on the runway, a ton of people will buy it and some will call you basic for not....crazy right?...i.e. Yeezy. One of my favorite things to do each season is watch all of  the shows online, sometimes over and over. If you have a WWD subscription you can watch the full shows, or you probably already know you can  watch clips and slideshows at  
Now my life is not one that requires runway styled attire all the time, but I love fashion and I believe in looking your best at all times so I pull elements I like from the shows as well as from the show goers,  and make them work for a look that fits my lifestyle. If you've been reading my previous blog posts, you know I've been completely excited for spring. This whole new "blush is the new neutral wave" has me obsessed & I'm totally, crushing on rose gold as an alternate hue. For this casual day out walking around Hollywood with my friends, I decided to rock my new neutrals combined with some of my favorite elements from the spring collections i.e... crop top, mesh, satin. Its Hollywood so shining is required & expected! My metallic crop top fit right in, combined with my distressed jeans to keep it casual, and satin sneakers to keep it comfortable, and cute.  
Style is not about shopping the runway or wearing high end, its about creating a look that speaks before you have to. 
As always thanks for reading, please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback below.

Tied Rosé Crop

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