October 26, 2016
As if you couldn't already tell, I'm a little crazy about Maroon these days, and really any variation of it burgundy, crimson, etc...So I've decided to dedicate a few posts to my current fall fetish. If you follow me on instagram you know that I was recently in an olive phase. Monochrome looks have seemed to resurface in my day to day, and olive seemed to fit my mood. 
As I started transitioning into maroon I was reminded of a color theory class I took at FIDM, where we discussed how colors reflect and effect our mood and state of mind as well as, how people perceive us. For example colors in the green family represent health, good luck, youth. During my olive phase I was traveling, blogging, and I started taking more steps to keep good vibes in my thoughts and around me.
Colors in the red family represent vibrance, energy, life, and excitement. As my baby girl is getting older I am getting back to me. I feel excited about the future and the things to come. I am staying consistent with the things I am working on and even when it gets challenging I am taking steps to remain positive. Once I turned 30 I felt a change starting to happen, that actually a lot of women over 30 told me I would feel. Now that I've just turned 34 I feel it for sure. There's a confidence like no other and a growth process that I feel blessed to have had. So many things that were a big deal before became irrelevant. Goals became clearer and negativity was no longer a factor. 
Click on the link to find out what your favorite color is saying about you
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