January 28, 2017
mesh it up
The sheer trend is still very much alive, but fashion has seen a transition from girly lace to sporty mesh.  Once only associated with sports, and swimwear, we've been seeing mesh in tights, t-shirts, jumpsuits, and even evening dresses. This lightweight breathable material is the perfect combination of edge and style. 
Working mesh into your wardrobe can be a little tricky. If the execution of this trend is done wrong you can go from chic, to raunch in an instant. Here's a few tips to help you mesh it up.
Tip 1
Remember "less is more".
Complimenting your mesh with a statement piece, like an embellished jacket or top is always a great idea, but be careful not to over accessorize, if you do the jacket and jewels will overpower the mesh.
Tip 2
Mesh Overlay
Layering with mesh as I've done above is a great way to add texture to a monotone look. It also gives you innovative ways to incorporate your mesh into your wardrobe.
mesh it up
Tip 3
Metals & Metallics 
Be bold with your mesh, don't be afraid to make a statement with accessories, metallics or bright colors. I chose silver as my metal of choice, the silver chain from my choker, flowed perfectly with the silver details of my jacket & shoes. 
Tip 4
Meshy Feet
If you're looking for a different way to create a mesh look, try mesh footwear. This season we've seen booties, heels, and thigh high boots in mesh. Styled with solid colors they can create a bold fashion forward look.  
mesh it up
For my mesh look I decided to layer. After days of rain we finally got back to sunny days here in San Diego, but there's still a lingering winter chill.
I wore a solid black one piece tank bodysuit from American Apparel, and layered it with a cap sleeve mesh dress from H&M. The mesh on this dress is tight and has a soft sheen, so to add more texture & a statement piece to my look I wore a black on black monogramed Gucci leather jacket, and black Chanel chain booties. 
Please leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts on my look, and tell me how you style your mesh can't wait to hear from you. As always thanks for reading!
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