December 18, 2016
I will never forget the day I found out I was going to have a daughter. Of course, my husband was convinced it was going to be another boy, but me and my brother in law called it, and we were right.
This is my mini me River or we like to call her Riverdoll, whom believe it or not actually got her name from Mr. Christian Louboutin himself, at a store signing when I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant! Crazy right? So it only makes sense that she is the little fashionista she is today.  
River is only 4 years old (I'm sorry 4 1/2) so although she has her own style, I still have to regulate and make sure its kid appropriate. From time to time we like to twin it up. River loves when we dress alike but she also likes to have her say as well, so together we compromise to create looks that works for me and her. 
 It has always been really important to me that I teach my daughters to love themselves, to be confident, and know their worth. River has so much personality I never want to discourage her from expressing herself, so when she insists on her black Moto boots I let her do her thing, but I think it is equally important to have rules. Early on when dress-up first started at our house, and getting into my makeup. River learned the basics of what we call "mommies rules." This is not to criticize anyone on what you allow your kids to do or don't do. I think as mothers no one can tell us how we should parent, you know what is right for your child, so I would never put another mother down. These are just my own rules in hopes of not encouraging my daughter to grow up to fast. I want her to enjoy being a child and to conduct herself as one. For example River likes for me to polish her nails, I am ok with that, but our rule is no dark colors, no reds. Another rule is no two-piece swimwear because personally I don't know why they even make it for little girls I just think it's a little too much.
Accessories are ok but at a minimum, again this is not to criticize anyone I just think my little girl is so perfect and beautiful already I don't want her to feel like she needs embellishments. This becomes tricky I am not saying it's easy. Of course she sees me wear makeup and jewelry. I have always told River that her time will come, it's ok to play at home and pretend but LITTLE GIRLS DO NOT WEAR MAKEUP. She has heard it so much that now she says it to me before I can say it to her, but I'm glad to know 
She remembers it, and she's listening. I'm sure I have a whole world of appropriate/inappropriate clothing and makeup conversations ahead of me as my daughter grows up but at least for now I can control the situation.
One question I am always asked is where do I shop for the kids? And how do I find matching outfits for me and River?........I shop pretty much everywhere for the kids, its kind of just wherever I am and find good stuff. Some stores I frequent are H&M, Zara, Cotton On kids Target, Gap, Hautelook, Nordstrom. When it comes to matching our outfits, it usually starts with something I found for her. Occasionally if it's a top or dress I can just buy a bigger kids size for myself.
Like I said it's important to me that I keep her looking like a little girl so sometimes if my outfit isn't something I would allow her to wear at 4 years old which was the case in the featured look then instead of being so matchy matchy I look for ways for us to compliment each others looks. I found River's "Pink Floyd" tee at Target, and my sweater at Forever 21. I wanted to try a something cute but edgy so I paired mine with a slip skirt I had from a long time ago, fishnets, and vans to keep it fun. River of course had to put her spin on it so Moto boots and leggings from H&M, topped of with her big bros now too small Moto jacket from Zara. 
Feel free to share your thoughts below. As always thanks for reading!
Pashana & River 

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