Mother's Day

May 14, 2017

Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day to every mama reading this post today! As I am typing this all four of my babies are asleep, you guys I love them so much its crazy...well it's not because I'm sure you all know, that love you have for your children, the very thought of them grabs the core of your heart and stings your tear ducts. It's the most pure unconditional love in the world. My favorite quote in regards, to motherhood is "Choosing to have a child, is choosing to let your heart go walk around outside." That's it, that is exactly what you're doing. To keep it real it still amazes me that I am a mom........OF FOUR! Actually I think that's the part that amazes me Lol. Life with children is filled with love, fun, and let's keep it real, stress, anxiety, pressure to be a "good mom" is overwhelming and it is hard not to find yourself having a constant guilt trip. "Am I doing enough for them?" "Am I spending enough quality time?" "Am I teaching them the right things?" "Am I setting a good example?" Am I preparing them for life?" I'm still learning to not get caught up in it, and just focus on doing the best I can, because that's all we can do. There's no instructions to parenting, we're all a hot mess at some point or another. As long as we give them, love, and guidance we're on the right track. Happy Mother's Day ladies enjoy it and check out this adorable video of last weeks mother/daughter tea party. 

Video created by Elisa Fowler @editsbyelisa

Photos by: Kathleen Donsbach @Katddon

Mother's Day

The girls outfits are from Target

(couldn't find on the site)

Moms dress is from Guess

shoes from Windsor store 

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