September 29, 2016
Always loved an off the shoulder look. I was really excited to see this style come back. Immediately I was transformed back to the nineties when I took my fashion cues for music artists like TLC, and Aaliyah, but for some reason wearing my Tommy Hilfiger jacket off my shoulders never went over to well with my grandmother. I knew I was on to something:)
To create this look I paired a men's button up, with a pair of low rise faux leather pants, and a sleek, sexy heel. I love incorporating men's wear into my wardrobe. It is actually something I've always done starting from my middle school tom boy years, when I would steal my older brothers Nike & Fila tees. Today I tend to venture toward mens rocker tees and button ups. These pieces are great to add some edge to a wardrobe or look.
  • Shades
    • Porche Design​
  • Choker
    • Express​
  • Shirt
    • Target ​(mens)
  • Pants
    • Guess​
  • Shoes
    • Lola Shoetique​

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