when in doubt, overdress

November 20, 2016

Sometimes while I am out shopping, I'll find something I like and for a second consider putting it back saying to myself every time "Where am I going?" Being a wife, and a full-time mom of four....yes four! There's not much extra time for an adult social life. Of course this usually doesn't stop my unnecessary purchase but it has left me with what I refer to as the wardrobe for the life I think I have not the one I'm actually living. You know mom life, the one that requires quick outfits and slip-on shoes that I can chase a toddler in. But hey who says moms can't be stylish, we see celebs do it everyday.  
Having children takes a huge toll on your body as well as your mind, your hormones, and your emotions. Our self esteem is often affected as our body changes. After having my last baby I struggled a bit to regain the comfort I felt in my own skin, not being able to do much because I had just had a baby was not helping either. After speaking with my mom, we remembered something my grandmother would always say. "No matter what, do not let yourself go." What she meant was hold onto the woman that you are no matter what you go through in life. Before having children I always had a love for fashion, and took pride in getting dressed everyday no matter where I was going because it made me feel good. When you feel good, you look good. When you look good you feel good, nothing  could be more true. I realized that all these beautiful clothes just sitting in my closet, I bought because I felt good, so why not wear them? 
Legendary poet and author Oscar Wilde was quoted saying. "You can never be overdressed or overeducated. I believe both to be completely true. Coco Chanel was quoted saying. " Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman. Which do you want people to remember about you? I'm striving to be a woman that is remembered, and to feel good through all moments in life. Those clothes no longer sit in my closet, as I have taken steps to improve my soul, and body, something small like getting dressed up for lunch with your husband can have a tremendous affect on your mind and attitude, because again when you look good you feel good. 
  • Outfit: The Dolls House Fashion
  • Shoes: Simmi 

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