birthday girl

October 15, 2016
When picking the perfect bday fit, there are a few things to consider. A) What are your plans
B) What type of style do you want to have that day (dressy, casual, girly, etc...) 
C) Color palette 
 Jacket: Eden Sky
Bodysuit: Fashion Love
Choker: Eden Sky
Shoes: Yeezy 

My birthday plans have kind of been all over the place this year, so I decided to go for something that can be transitioned from day to night. 
This year I'm turning the big 34! The one thing people tell me all the time is that I don't look 34 and to be honest I don't feel it either. Therefore, I decided to go for a fun girly look this year. Something, sexy, but still fun, I decided on pink as my color palette, because...well......I'm just a girl:)

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