Panty hose & open toes 

January 18, 2016
panty hose & open toes

One of the most eye-catching trends on the Spring 2017, runways were panty hose worn with open toe sandals. What was once highly frowned upon has become one of fashions most daring style choices. Luxury brands like Céline and Balenciaga featured sheer, panty hose worn with plain strappy sandals in vivid hues like lilac, and burgundy. However, to be honest this trend didn't really surprise me much after seeing open toes sandals styled with winter looks, and believe it or not, it is actually something I use to do quit often during my former retail days. 

With fishnets back by popular demand I decided to mix these two styles together. This outfit was actually inspired by one of my favorite instagram fashionistas @jai_nice if you don't know who she is,  check her out and follow. She's a mom, business owner of Kloset Envy, and an amazing dresser, definitely someone to watch for fashion inspiration. I was going for a look that was cute but still casual. Showing off the pantyhose at the waist, is something I'm sure you've all been seeing around I personally think it gives the look a sexy edge. 

Panty hose & open toes
 I love my labels as much as the next label whore, but one thing I love more is creating a super cute look for less. That is exactly what I did here, starting with my long bomber that I found at Marshall's (thanks to my sister), my l/s crop is from Top Shop, panty hose and sweats are from H&M, and my open toe lace up booties are "Kennee" from Steve Madden. I haven't shopped Steve Madden in YEARS, but when I seen these I couldn't pass them up, I was extra happy when my sister gifted me the olive pair for my birthday. Pantyhose from H&M, oversized olive sweater Michael Kors from Marshall's, fishnet hand glove made by me. 

Leave me a comment below, tell me your thoughts on my looks, and if you would rock pantyhose & open toes. As always thanks for reading



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