Queen P

January 9, 2017
queen p
It was during my time at FIDM San Diego that I remember in my Product Development class constantly hearing the words "product differentiation." What makes your product different from the rest? Why should someone buy from you and not them? What about you stands out? As a marketing major you learn that these questions are key factors in determining your success in almost any venture, and I find myself constantly thinking about them, especially when it comes to my blog, and always when it comes to fashion. I can't really pinpoint my style choice in words but I love exclusivity, individuality, and anything that stands out. When I'm planning a look it's usually in my head before I ever see it in stores or anywhere. For years I have told myself that I would just start making my own clothes since I already know what I want but have such a hard time finding it ( I'm getting there). Last spring I attended Rihanna's Anti Tour where I first laid eyes on the thigh high belted boot. Of course I was immediately in love, but also sadly disappointed when I learned they were $5000.00. However, I couldn't get them out of my head, of course I liked the way Rih Rih rocked the boot but from the beginning I had something else in mind.  
queen p
My body suit was easy to find as they are pretty on trend right now. I especially liked this body suit because of the front and back oval openings, the belt from the boots sat perfectly where the fabric began. I knew I wanted to create a sexy but winter look, it was important to me that I accent the color and the fabric of the boot somewhere on the top half of the outfit. That's when I started thinking about "product differentiation," how can I make the boots stand out even more without being too much? I decided I had to just create something myself, so off to the fabric store I went. I decided to create a choker, with matching cuffs out of the same fabric as the boots. I added fringe to the choker to fall just in the opening so that it was still sexy without having cleavage completely out. I'm so proud of myself that I actually did it. I think this look came together really well there's nothing like taking something and making it your own. My strategy to success in this blogger/fashion world is to build my brand on based individuality, conquer competition by constantly evoking product differentiation, and control my fashion fix my making my own creations, that's Queen Sh*t! As always thanks for reading.
queen p

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