Yellow Edition

July 17, 2017

The yellow edition is part 2 of the summer series I've created along with photographer Kat Donsbach, videographer Elisa Fowler, and model Jazzie Day. The yellow bikini along with the black mesh cover up is apart of Jazzie's personal wardrobe, and it was the first swim suit I picked up. The intense pop of color on Jazzie's gorgeous skin is amazing and creates an exotic, sexy statement perfect for summer vacation. Since we were shooting at night I really wanted something that would stand out in the water but still had a youthful feel, again to represent Jazzie's personality. It is important to me that when I am dressing a client that they feel 100% comfortable with what they are wearing. When you are uncomfortable in your attire it shows whether you realize it or not. It shows on your face, in your attitude,  and your confidence level. I could tell Jazzie felt great in this bikini because as soon as the music started she went right into model mode. Check out the pics from the shoot below, please feel free to leave your feedback in the comment box. As always thanks for reading!








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