Orange Edition

July 25, 2017

Ok so first let me start by saying that the orange Becky Suede Fringe Gucci sandal is one of my absolute favs, its timeless and the perfect shade of Cayenne pepper to add some spice to your look. For the orange edition I was going for more of a pool/day party vibe. When it comes to style, I love what I call the "unexpected." Meaning I like to use pieces, fabrics, or accessories, that one wouldn't necessarily choose for a summer look. In this case suede was the fabric of choice for the shoe and top. I decided to pair both pieces with a pair of Jazzie's own Rayon shorts. I mention the fabric because I think texture is a key component in creating a cohesive look. The suede halter is from Forever 21. It works perfectly with the shoes and can be worn with a good variety of bottoms. My style technique is to choose pieces that compliment one another while creating the one statement...Suede, fringe, bohemian, halter, 70's...Tell me what you think. Check out the Summer Series: Orange edition and leave your feedback in the comment box.  



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