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July 28, 2017


For years I've wanted to see the big apple. I've heard all the quotes, seen the movies, heard peoples stories but just like anything else I knew it was something I had to experience for myself. My initial perception of New York before actually going was one; that it was a super busy city fill-


ed with the most fashionable people who were too busy to acknowledge anyone else, second; that there's art and creativity everywhere, and third; if you aren't careful you could end up in a real life SVU episode real quick...Typing this just made me realize I watch way too much tv.


Upon arriving to NY I was pleasantly surprised at how kind and helpful everyone was from the airport, to the train, even the subway and cab drivers, btw I don't know if this is still a hard thing to do but I am proud to report that I was able to hail down a cab on my first try (*pats self on the back). Honestly during my entire stay everyone I met was nothing like what I expected or heard. Since I happen to have the worlds greatest best friend and he lives in New York I was able to tour the city, see some pretty amazing landmarks, and still hang with the locals to see a different perspective of NYC, from people who actually live and work there. 


We spent our first night checking out a few local bars, and once again I was surprised. I expected everywhere to be crowded, loud, and hard to get a drink, (I think Sex in the City taught me that) but I did not find that to be the case at all, as I later learned that in the summer the locals prefer to hang out at day parties, and rooftop bars. Our first stop was at the famous Coyote Ugly, very casual, kind of empty, did not see Tyra but still cool to check out if you've never been, we each had a pretty good drink and watched the bartenders do their thing. Then it was off to Pianos in Manhattan, this place was a bit more crowded, a great social scene, with multiple rooms, live dj's and performances. I wish I could remember the name of the drink my friend ordered for me but it had tequila, lime, coconut, and was delicious ( I am not a tequila drinker at all) but this one you have to try. Pianos is also a pretty casual spot, again I expected to see crazy fashion, high heels, and super done up women but honestly I think I just described LA, and my friend broke it down for me. People in New York do a lot of walking and traveling around the city so while it is known for its fashion, comfort is the number one focus of the locals and I was happy to hear it. With all the walking we did during our trip I could not imagine doing it in heels, that of course I had packed with me just in case. 


My first actual day in New York was spent walking around the city. I went to the High Line, &


 Chelsea Market where I tasted some of the most delicious oils for cooking, and found Brooklyn Bleu, a really cool spot that has some pretty amazing jewelry, and accessories. I actually started following them on instagram and already have some pieces in mind to order if you have a chance definitely check them out. From Chelsea Market we headed over to Eataly, an Italian food lovers dream. This place is fantastic it is an Italian marketplace featuring a variety of cafes, restaurants, and to-go counters, even if you're not hungry you will be. 



The rest of the day was spent visiting the 9/11 memorial, The World Trade Center, The New York Stock Exchange, The Statue of Liberty, The Flatiron Building, Wall St, Soho, and The Meatpacking



District. Yes, I was exhausted but wow seeing these places on television does not do them justice. Especially the 9/11 memorial like I said I've seen it in photos and on television but I felt overcome with emotion actually seeing it in person, reading the names, and seeing where loved ones have visited and left flowers. I couldn't help but remember that morning and watching the news. 


I must've gotten at least 5 different compliments on my outfit and especially my shirt. It was so hot in  New York City I was very happy that I went for a cute but casual look. I know it's the East coast but hey I'm from the West and I have to stay true to my style. So I paired my "Fuck Racism" tee from, with a washed denim skirt from H&M, classic old skool Vans, and a Guess fanny pack. leave me a comment below and let me know what you think. 






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