Bitch Please

January 20, 2018



Hello Readers!


Please excuse the delay in blog posts I've been so busy with the new move, the husband, the kids, LIFE. I'm happy to be back and to re-lauch The Pash Shop. My 2nd collection of "Bitch Please" crew necks are back in stock so hurry and get yours. 


When I came up with the "Bitch Please" crew necks my goal was to create something that represented power, attitude, perseverance and me. In this life there's always gonna be challenges and mountains to climb. I am a young entrepreneur, wife, and mother of four it's not easy. There are days when I don't want to do anything, or I feel defeated. As I've learned to focus on the positive and not the negative I've been able to overcome those days I throw on my "Bitch Please" crew neck and get back to business. 


When you wake up and know you're about to slay the day...BITCH this


When you wake up and feel like you just can't...BITCH got this


When you wake up and he/she ain't acting right...BITCH don't need this


When they would rather hate than support...BITCH can't stop this


When it seems like that dream is unreachable...BITCH're gonna do this


When you're judged by your style, your skin, your gender, ANYTHING...BITCH know who created this.


Click here to shop.

Follow @ThePashShop on Instagram use #BITCHPLEASE so I can your posts


As always thanks for reading,








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