Bold, Bomb, & Beautiful

January 22, 2018

In honor of the recent women's day march I just want to encourage all my readers whether you are a woman or man, to be bold, bomb, and beautiful. We are all a creation of God and there is nothing more perfect than that. I was unable to attend the march here in San Diego this past Saturday because I was sadly attending a friends funeral. When I left I listened so some of the powerful speeches, and thought about the beautiful things people spoke about my friend at the service. I felt so encouraged to write, to work, to keep going not just for me but for my daughters, my little cousins, my nieces. I want to encourage them to love themselves, and each other. To follow their dreams and be supportive of one another, to not let any obstacle stop them no matter what it is. It's so sad that as women we tend to struggle to come together. This march symbolizes the effect we could have if we all learned to do that. I have never been a woman that felt the need to dim any one else's shine for mine but its something I have experienced often. Competition is like a toxic gas amongst us that seeps from our own insecurities and destroys our relationships with one another. On Saturday all those women and even men shined together...let's learn. 


Thanks for reading.






The Look


For my Bold, Bomb, and Beautiful look I started with the shoes. I purchased these Giuseppe clogs last fall. I'm absolutely obsessed with them, but I won't lie they are a bit of a challenge. I mean I can walk and even skip we found out, but I probably won't be having any cocktails when I wear these. I chose a skinny leather high waist pant from The Dolls House Fashion, they're a little hard to zip up but once you get them on they're amazing!!!!!!! My Bra-lette is from this little boutique I found in National City I wish they had a website or a social network page but i'm becoming friends with the owner so I'll talk to her. The bra-lette is actually sheer so I cut out the lining of an older bra and worked it out. I went with a bra-lette because its simple but sexy and does not hide the details of the pants (& side note ladies just because you're a mom, wife or 30 does not mean you can't rock a sexy bra-lette I can't stand when I hear that. I'm gonna wear what I want when I want!) Anyway where was I? Oh yeah the jacket, so I truly only bought this jacket for these shoes. I loved that it is sheepskin and matches perfectly with the lining of the shoe. I don't always like to be matchy-matchy but when I do! The bag just kind of tied everything together with its gold chain and studded detail, the denim added the right amount of color I was looking for. I went with my fendi shades for that winter ski vibe my jacket was giving.


Shades: Fendi

Bralette: Xpression boutique

Jacket: Forever 21

Pants: TheDollsHouseFashion

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Bag: Jimmy choo

My Necklace is 10k gold (gift from the hubby)

















































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