Definition of a Blogger

January 28, 2018

a person who regularly writes material for a blog. 



The other day in a conversation about my blog it was suggested to me that I should follow the suit of other bloggers, and post expensive high end pieces like Gucci bags, Chanel shades, that I could hopefully gain more followers. I always appreciate feedback and suggestions so I thought about it, and recalled an article I read on about the dirty business of buying followers. Basically the article talked about how some top bloggers were suspected of buying followers and were being called out for sudden spikes in there following. Each of the bloggers that were mentioned had been asked about the suspicions and every single one denied. Why? Because they don’t want to admit or for the world to think they were not able to gain those followers organically. I am not saying that those particular bloggers bought their followers but because it is possible and the suspicion has been raised we’ll never know. 

I pride myself on being a person that keeps it 1000 all the time and in every situation. I remember reading that article and thinking whether I gain a lot of readers or not I will not trick people into thinking I gained this tremendous following because my blog is so amazing, I would rather it actually be amazing and gain a real following. 



I decided to start my blog for two reasons. #1 I love fashion I always have 

#2 I love writing

Blogging seemed like the perfect solution as it allows me to do both & work on my own time. When I started I would read blog after blog enjoying the different styles from each blogger and trying to develop my own style that was unlike anyone else’s. Over time I noticed the dilution of some of my favorite blogs. Where there was once interesting topics, stories, or thoughts, there were now just cloned photos of girls in designer clothes, bags, & accessories. But what is a blogger? Someone who regularly writes material for a blog.


Don’t get me wrong I love labels as much as the next label whore and at one time (2 kids ago) that was a bigger part of my wardrobe but my life just isn’t like that anymore and to be honest it’s so much better. It’s not that I can’t still buy those things or that I don’t from time to time it’s just that my value has been placed elsewhere. Instead of spending $400 on shades like I would have before I donated it to a family in need. Does that mean I’m not a blogger even if I write regularly? Wrong? To anyone reading this that is maybe thinking of starting your own blog remember labels are not fashion, and having style does not mean having labels. 



I’m thankful for the followers I do have & all feedback and suggestions so feel free so leave me some below. 


                            THE LOOK

My thoughts behind this look was “The Business of Fashion.” My choker s/l crop top is from Eden Sky . I paired it with a charcoal, stretch skinny pant from Express . Don’t sleep on Express people I love the quality of their clothing, and they are great for finding versatile pieces that you can pair with just about anything in your closet. My suspenders are actually my husbands that he purchased to go with his suit for our engagement party. He never wore them but I always knew I would so I kept them just in case. My “Door Knocker” Louboutin pumps are from about 3 years ago (like I said 2 kids ago that was my life). I’ll be honest they are not the most comfortable shoes but I love the studded detail, a plain white pump just seems so boring to me. A lot of people re-sell they’re designer items I tend to keep mine. For one I have 2 daughters so I try to save as much as I can for them, even if they never wear them they’ll be vintage pieces that belonged to their mother. I also like to pull out my oldies every now and again, especially when it seems everyone is stuck on a certain brand or look at the moment I like to step out in something different but classic. 


Thanks for reading 





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