Baby Girl

February 6, 2018


Never ever did I imagine I would be a mom to FOUR kids. Honestly when I was a teenager I use to always tell my family I was gonna turn 18, move to Europe, marry an Italian chef (I love Italian food) and live happily ever after. Um yeah it didn’t exactly go that way. I’ve still never been to Europe (hopefully this year), I did however marry an amazing man who’s actually part Italian (who new 🤷🏻‍♀️) he doesn’t cook but I discovered that’s something I’m really good at so it’s all good. 10 years later here we are with a house full of babies.  


Reign also known as Brown Bear is the baby/boss of the house. She’s right in the middle of her terrible two’s. Obviously with 4 kids I’ve delt with this stage before but this time it’s a little different. At 2 years old my boys were all around a little calmer than my girls. I think it’s a combination of being the youngest and watching her older sibilings she seems to have developed a pretty strong personality already, and a really good vocabulary. However, “no” is still her favorite word 🙄 


It is such a blessing to watch her grow and develop everyday. She’s always trying to say new things, and to do everything big sister River is doing. Recently we conquered potty training 🙏🏽 which thankfully has been pretty easy with all of my kids. I’m often asked for tips with potty training so I’ll share a few. I’m not one of those moms that believes in buying expensive potties and books and toys just to learn to use the restroom. Kids have been doing it forever without any of that so I just don’t see the need. The first step to potty training is determining whether or not your child is even ready. Just because he or she is walking or has turned 2 does not mean they’re quit ready yet, but you can start to encourage them by taking them to the restroom with you so that they can start to understand what the restroom is for. You can tell your kid is ready if they start telling you when they need a diaper change or if they start trying to remove the diaper themselves. Once you know they’re ready transition to pull-ups & make a rountine of setting a timer and taking them every 10-15 mins. The reason I say pull-ups and not underwear yet is because you’re gonna have some accidents. Remember every child is different don’t compare yours to their sibilings or friends they will get it as soon as they’re ready. Consistency is the key and sibilings can also help. My oldest daughter loves to help out and of course I feel bad when I have to spend more time with the baby so having her help was good for both of us. Everytime River had to use the restroom Reign would hear her tell me and follow her.  She began to notice that her sister wore underwear and started to ask for them too so once I felt she was comfortable with going I switched her over. Of course there were a few accidents to start but the feeling of being wet did not sit well with her at all and pretty quickly she began to tell me everytime she had to go. We are now in week 3 with no accidents. 


If your child is in day care like Reign be sure to discuss they’re methods of potty training. Let them know you have started so they can as well  and so that you’re child is getting a consistent routine of using the restroom. 


I hope my tips were helpful like I said every child is different just be patient and consistent. Please feel free to comment with any suggestions or questions. 


Thanks for reading, 


Reign’s entire outfit is from Target 

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