Perfect Peace

February 8, 2018


Growing up my grandmother always stressed the importance of knowing God, of praying, having faith, trusting him, and allowing him to guide our journey. Of course as a child I listened but I didn’t really listen. Meaning I heard what she was saying, I knew it was true but I didn’t understand the value of what she was teaching me and I for sure wasn’t applying it to my life. As an adult I found myself questioning God asking why he would allow me to go through certain things not realizing that the question showed my lack of trust. I struggled to find peace with certain situations because I was so caught up in trying to control them, trying to make them better. Well that can only last for so long eventually it will be out of your control and you’ll find yourself frustrated. When you truly trust God you will be at peace during any situation, you will thank him for your obstacles because you know that they are just that...obstacles that he will help you get through. I just wanted to share because I have been trying to better my relationship with God and because of that I’ve come to this realization. 


I’m so thankful for the understanding he has granted me because now I am more at peace than ever before. Of course like everyone else there are still days that get the best of me but they happen less and less now and I am able to recognize them for what they are. My conversations with God are more lengthy and more often. They’ve changed from request to giving thanks. If you’re reading this and your going through something challenging or even if you’re not I encourage you to put your trust in HIM you will never be lead astray. I know this post was a bit deep but it’s what was put on my heart, as always thank you for reading. 





                              The Look

                 Dress: Xpression boutique  

                 Boots: Express 

                 Coat: Vintage (my grandmothers) 



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