Sex health w/Dr. Jill presented by Lady Killas SD

February 24, 2018

Thursday night was my first time attending a Lady Killas SD event. If you haven’t heard of Lady Killas look them up instagram @ladykillas_sd . They are a group of women who believe in empowering, and supporting other women. A percentage of the proceeds from this event is being donated to Black Women’s Health Imperative in respect to Black History Month. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the ladies, they greeted everyone at the event and set the most welcoming and positive vibe. You know sometimes it can be a little funny entering a room full of women you don’t know, but that was not the case at all, so thank you to Lady Killas 💕.

 The Rose is located in South Park. Artsy, chic, & I especially liked that it was big enough to host the event but small enough to keep everyone socializing with one another. I was able to meet some new people, & enjoy a nice glass of rosè.

The discussion was hosted by Courtney Wall founder of Lady Killas & Dr. Jill McDevitt ( @sexdocjill ). Some of the topics touched on were the importance of loving ourselves, how to deal with a sexual partner that wants to experiment, communicating with our partners about what we want, not allowing the pressures of society to make us feel devalued for being sexual beings.
It was really a great discussion, and very informative. I thought Dr. Jill made everyone feel so comfortable, it wasn’t like talking to a “doctor” it was like talking to your home girl who happens to be a doctor, and not just a doctor, a sex all the freaky stuff you wonder about you can ask and get a professional answer! We were able to drop our own questions in a jar I managed to get a few in my notes before my phone died as well as a few pics, check them out below & leave me a comment. 😉

Thanks for reading!

When’s the best time to have sex
“Morning” ☀️

Who’s buying 12 inch dildos the most?
“Straight men” 😳

What’s the deal with dirty talk?
The idea of being bad is appealing, and turns people on

What is sex positive parenting?

Respecting privacy
Setting boundaries
Not body shaming or sex shaming your child

Is it normal to have never had an orgasm during sex?
totally normal  







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