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March 12, 2018

I already told you guys in my previous post "River's World" how we came up with the name River for our little girl. People often think my girls names River and Reign have something to do with them being Native American which makes sense I guess, and probably helped with their fathers consent. However, to be 100% honest I just always like the idea of unisex names. No matter how we got our names or even if we grow up and change them, they are one of the truest elements of our identity because they are given to us at birth. In this world where women are forever fighting for equality, and respect, I wanted to give my daughters names that I felt were strong, and powerful. I got so many crazy looks when I told people what I was naming them, everyone said, "that's a boys name." Says who? What makes a name a boy or a girls name? Who made those rules? Why do we feel obligated to follow them? I was a little worried about other kids possibly teasing them but obviously like any parent my plan is to raise them to be confident and know how to deal with "mean kids."  Recently I started following @melrwhite a blogger/entrepreneur/author who wrote a book for kids with unisex names "My Name is Unique Just Like Me."  Of course I got one for my girls, if you have a child or know a child with a unisex name we recommend it. They both really enjoyed the story and the colorful pages, and we spent time coming up with other unisex names as well as discussing what unisex means (that was interesting).



Reign was first suggested to me by my cousin Jazzie and it was perfect. The name Reign means to hold royal office, to rule as king or queen. My prayers for my girls are that they always feel empowered, capable, and worthy of everything great life has to offer. Rule baby girl RULE!!!!!

















Reign loves books, she's only 2 so she can't read yet but she tries. We read everyday in the morning as was the case here ( notice the bed head) and at night. I was born a book worm, I've always perferred books over television, which is usually most writers. Encouraging our children to read opens their minds up to a world of creativity, it expands their vocabulary and knowledge.



My oldest son has never really been into books as much as I would have liked but that's ok I still encourage him to try and enjoy his assigned reading and learn something from it. I also try to give him things to read that I know are of his interest. Like I said he isn't really enthusiastic about reading so at 14 he's not going to go out and look for things to read on him own its easier to watch so its on me. If you are reading this and have some book suggestions please send them my way and I will continue to share mine in this new category added to the blog "books worth reading" please stay tuned for more. 




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