Chella Checklist

April 20, 2018



Packing for weekend 2? I got you boo, use my checklist below to help make sure you don't forget any essentials. This year I managed to pack my entire weekend into one bag, check out some of my tips, does, and dont's.


Chella Checklist

  • Sunnies: Duh! its hot and the sun is blazing. Statement sunnies are a must for Coachella, but remember its crowded, its a party, and there is alcohol. If you want to risk your designer shades feel free but this is a great opportunity to rock a fun, colorful pair for less. 


  • Shoes: I cannot stress enough the importance of considering your comfort. You will be doing a lot of walking and standing. Ankle boots and sneakers are Coachella staples but I would not recommend trying to break in a new pair for this event your feet won't be happy. This is actually a good time to mix the old with the new. Try to match your outfits with shoes you already have, that you know are comfortable, this way you won't be too upset when they're covered in dirt. Don't forget your socks!


  • Outfits: Coachella is a music festival but it has also turned into a mini fashion weekend. Outfits are being planned months in advance for this iconic gathering. Sometimes it can cause a bit of anxiety and a lot of over packing, I made this mistake last year. My best advice is to try on each complete look, accessories and all. If you like it, commit to it, don't worry about packing backups. You will most likely be at the festival all day so try to pick outfits that transition easily from day to night. Don't forget your underwear! 😜


  • Accessories: Chella is all about the accessories, you will see lots of chokers, headbands,bandanas, bracelets, bralettes, nose rings, etc....Feel free to pile it on but again consider your comfort. If you are wearing anything that requires pasties, or tape I would re-think it. Due to the heat you will most likely sweat especially if you drink any alcohol, your pasties or tape will slide off. 


  • Bags: You're obviously going to need something to carry your things in. I would personally go for mini backpacks, , cross-bodies, or belt bags they're easy to carry and you won't have to worry about walking off and forgetting it. 


  • Lotions & Notions: Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen! Carrying a lightweight mosturizing mist and lip balm is also a great idea.



  • Gadgets: This is a good time to use that portable charger you got for free at the vans store but don't forget the charger for that. The festival will have charging stations but they fill up pretty fast


  • Coachella App: The Coachella app is great in helping you plan your day. Make sure you download it before you head to the dessert the service is a situation. 


I hope my checklist was helpful, leave a comment below with your thoughts. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!!





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