How Being a Bitch is Bad for Your Skin

April 21, 2018



Its true, i'm sure you've heard that a bad attitude affects your appearance but did you know that it actually does affect your skin?  In my personal experience and the bitches I have encountered there's usually some underlying personal problem that's causing bitches to project their bitchy-ness onto the world, other wise known as stress. This could be from work issues, personal insecurities, relationship problems, income, etc...When people are stressed they're typically experiencing a lack of sleep, headaches, and/or loss of appetite. If you research the affects of stress you will learn that stress produces hormones that tell your skin to make oil, oily skin as i'm sure you also know can cause acne, & breakouts. Along with those problems a lack of sleep and appetite is gonna give you bags under the eyes, dark circles, and a bitchy attitude. 


Olay did a study on women and found that women who were considered "super-agers" (those who look 10 or more years younger than their actual age) had a much more positive attitude and outlook on life than those who didn't. Sure we can say that their attitude is better because they look better, but perhaps they look better because their attitude is better. People who are naturally optimistic and positive tend to care more about diet, exercise, and lifestyle than those who don't. 


I'm 35 years old although the  "bitches" would say "almost 40" (that's fine boo). I feel great, of course I deal with stress like everyone. There's always a bitch trying to take me there but I was born a naturally positive, and optimistic person.  I've overcome extreme challenges in my life that have left me feeling eternally grateful and blessed, I attribute all of that to my slow aging process. A positive attitude goes a long way in every situation, in this case it could be a long life with healthy skin. 


Bikini from: Express


Below are some of the steps I take to help me avoid being a bitch, even when I have to deal with one.

  • Pray/Meditate

    • Every morning before you start the day, it helps tremendously in staying focused, and at peace.

  • Mind your business

    • Whether you realize it or not, jumping in someone else's business actually creates stress for yourself because you're worried about their problems instead of dealing with your own. When that person has had enough and decides to deal with you stress levels will rise. 

  • Stay away from toxic people

    • You have to cut them off, remember misery loves company. A miserable person will do whatever they can just to keep a problem going. I'm the queen of acting like I've never even known someone, its not being mean its protecting my peace.

  • Stay focused

    • Don't allow stressful situations distract you from work, goals, plans,'ll only become more stressed, more stressed, more stressed. 

  • Pay attention to your environment

    • A negative environment will drain you and change you, make sure you surround yourself with people who will motivate you, encourage, and celebrate you. 



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