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April 23, 2018


         I’m very thankful that after having 4 healthy babies I have been able to get back to my average weight. The typical assumption is that I just magically went back to normal or that weight has not been an issue for me, but the truth is there was a bit of a struggle. I grew up in a family of voluptuous women. My weight and even talking about it is has always been a bit of a sensitive subject for me but probably not in the way you think. My mother is black and my father is Persian. Growing up with my moms side of the family (my black side) I seen women be praised for their thickness. I was always teased for being so tall & thin, literally called olive oil forever 🙄. I had clearly taken after my fathers side (my Persian side) but not knowing that side of my family and not seeing people that looked like me made it an issue for me.

         After having kids obviously things changed. Instead of wanting more weight now I was trying to keep & control the weight I was gaining. I remember crying because now I wasn’t so thin and I couldn’t fit anything. The weight I had gained wasn’t exactly where I wanted it and I didn’t know how to wear it confidently. It’s been a hell of a process but with each pregnancy I learned more and more tips on how to eat better, shed the baby weight, & snap back. Below are some tips I used during, & after pregnancy to help me. Check them out & leave me a comment.

During pregnancy:
Obviously regular exercise is always beneficial

During pregnancy I walked almost everyday

I love sweets but during pregnancy I substituted my chocolate for fruit as much as I could... It wasn’t easy

I rubbed coconut butter on my stomach EVERYDAY. Some people say it doesn’t help with stretch marks but hey I don’t have any 🤷🏻‍♀️

I also placed hot towels on my stomach whenever it was itchy, I was told it also helps with stretch marks not sure if it’s true but hey again didn’t get any.

After pregnancy:
Breast feeding is the best in helping your stomach go down and it forces you to control what you’re eating. I understand it’s not easy for everyone, I experienced challenges myself but if you can, do! With my last child I breastfed for 6 months and at least 3 months with my other children.

After my 6 weeks I wore a sweat band (not a waist trainer) 1-2 hrs/day mon-fri for about the 1st month or two. Even when I wasn’t working out I would just wear it around the house.

I also went to the gym for 1 hr/day mon-fri.
I did 30 mins of cardio and broke up the other 30 with crunches and legs.

While I was breastfeeding I ate 1-2 packs of oatmeal everyday for breakfast, super healthy and helps with the milk supply. 


I still have a sweet addiction it’s bad but I try to control it as much as possible. Some of my substitutes are fruit, guacamole, almonds, cashews.

I drink mostly water, I do love coffee in the morning but during the day it’s water. I use to have a bad addiction to energy drinks.

Going to the gym is a little hard these days I barely have time so my husband & I try to work out in our garage as much as possible.

I try to make a point to eat breakfast whether I’m hungry or not, so I can have more energy to stay active during the day.

Obviously every pregnancy, & every woman is different. You have to do what works for you and your body but my best advice is to just stay active, that will benefit your mental and physical snap back.

Thanks for reading!

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