NYX Review

May 11, 2018

Before we get into this review I think its only fair to let you know that I am writing this review as a real consumer. I am NOT a makeup artist, beauty professional, or anything of the sorts. In fact you might be surprised to know I actually didn't start really wearing makeup until I was about 25. I'm just a woman who tried this particular makeup line for the first time. Since I am often asked about what products I use I wanted to give you guys my honest thoughts and opinions, I'll leave the tutorials to the professionals.  


Studio Perfect Photo Loving Primer 




Yes Primer! You are staying in the makeup bag, it's light, and it smoothes over the skin perfectly. My go to is usually Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, this one is a great alternative. NYX $13 Smashbox $36








Nyx Micro Brow Pencil-Espresso 




Overall I really like this pencil. It was a little lighter than I expected but it did the job, by pressing harder I was able to get the darker shade and defined line I was looking for. I usually use Mac's Spiked brow pencil, so that's what I based my comparison on, and I would say it is an adequate alternative. I also really like the fact its a pencil with a brow brush. The brush is soft and did a great job spreading out my line. Ive already used it again so I think its a keeper. NYX $10 MAC $21




Two-Timer Kohl Pencil Liner & Felt Tip Liner-Jet Black 



Let me tell you I live for a good liner. My ideal liner is dark, smooth, does not run into the corner of your eye, does not require more than 2 strokes, and does not fade in 5 mins. Are these really features that are a lot to ask for? I didn't think so and I was right. NYX has come through for your girl! This might just be my favorite liner. I typically use Macs Modern Twist Kajal Liner however, it does have a tendency to run into the corner of my eye, but I love how smooth and dark it is. The Two-Timer in my opinion is better. I had no problems with running, fading, and the pigment was perfect. I especially love that's its a two-timer. I don't always wear top liner, usually its only when I'm going out or if it goes with the look. I can't tell you how many times I've gone out of town and have forgotten one or the other. The two-timer is staying in my makeup bag. NYX $10 MAC $18


Wonder Stick Highlight & Contour Stick-Universal 



Talk about creamy! This stick is like butter, its so soft, and smooth. My only issue with it is that it was a little thicker than I normally like. For someone like me who doesn't usually wear a full face it was a bit too much. For a highlighter stick I usually use Mac's Prep + Prime Highlighter in Bright Forecast because to me its very light and moist. I feel like this stick would be great for someone looking for more coverage or for contouring. 







Ok I'm not gonna lie I don't usually use an illuminator so I can't really compare this one but I do love it. I feel like it brightened my under eye, and the shimmer complimented my highlight. 







Total Control Drop Foundation-Golden 



Foundation is a little tricky for me because I have sensitive skin so I have to be very careful with what I use. First of all I love the drop, it does exactly what is says giving you total control of how much you're using which is great. I typically use Mac's BB beauty balm in dark and I have a bad habit of squeezing out too much. When I wear anything on my face its very important for me to NOT feel like there's anything on my face. While the foundation did seem light coming out of the drop I could definitely feel it on my face. As far as coverage it did the job but my skin seemed a little irritated after washing it off.  


Dewy Finish Setting Spray 



I'm not much of a matte girl I love a dewy look. This spray is great, and held my makeup perfectly. I usually use Mac's Prep + Prime Fix+. However, recently I switched to Kat Von D's Lock it makeup setting mist to get more dew, its still my favorite but I will keep this one as well, its a good alternative. NYX $8 Kat Von D $14. 





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