May 22, 2018

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Its Monday the beginning of a new week, and back to adulting. I was looking up some random facts about Mondays and found out that on Monday most people do not smile until 11:16am. Random right? But if you think about it, it actually makes sense. Why? Because Monday morning is when you have to have all your shit together. It’s when you have to report to work or school, your kids have something to turn in, a bill might be due, etc...Influencers love to share their “Monday Motivational” posts but to be honest with you I could really use that shit Sunday night to help me get ready for Monday. When it’s time to check if projects are done, showers, hair washed, lunches packed, appointments to get to that’s when I need some extra motivation. Yes we do all these things everyday but does it not seem just a little bit harder after a weekend of fun? I’ve found that by taking care of everything on Sunday morning I am able to relax and enjoy the rest of my day. When Monday rolls around I’m not stressed and scrambling to make sure everything is done and ready for the week.

What are some things you do to help you prepare for the week? Share some of your tips with me below and also check out some more random facts I’ve found about Mondays.

Thanks for reading!

Random facts about Monday’s

50% if employees are late to work on Monday’s

Most people spend 12 minutes of their Monday complaining about Monday

On Monday’s heart attack victims increase by 20%

Monday is the best day to buy a car (salesmen are more friendly and will give a better deal)

Most suicides happen on a Monday

Don’t let Monday stress you!!!!!


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