Motivation + Patience = Progress. How to stay motivated, when you don't have patience.

August 7, 2018

I believe staying motivated is a common struggle amongst creatives. There's this drive to produce and create work whether it be blog content, art, style, design, but the feeling of that work not being recognized or maybe I should say the process of getting


that work to a level of recognition that we are proud of, can be frustrating.  For myself personally it takes so much effort for me to write a single blog post because of my full time mom schedule, which also explains my delay between posts. Most of the time if I'm blogging i'm also either making food, doing laundry, cleaning, answering questions (mom where's my ___? Can I have __? Can we go___?) its literally never-ending. Even my husband will see me in mid blog and ask: "What are you doing?", "What are you writing about?" "Are you hungry?" Bruh!!! After going through all that just to get a couple paragraphs down, and then seeing that maybe only 10 people read it, you start to feel like what's the point.


In this fast-paced social media driven society it is very easy to forget that everything is a process. When we are scrolling through blog pages, or social media, we're only seeing the results of someone else's process, whatever that may be. As i've been back and forth with blogging and trying to learn how to balance it with my life, build it the way I want it to be, and make it successful I've learned there are two key factors necessary for its success and really for everything in life...motivation & patience. Some people are just naturally motivated. They wake up everyday with their end goal in mind and they take steps to achieve it. Other people struggle with keeping their motivation, some of the effecting factors are a lack of support, resources, time, child care, or even self judgment. Once I had my first child I immediately started a time line in my head of how long it would take me to achieve certain goals. A time line is a good way to stay motivated especially if you actually write it out. However, in my situation my timeline was pretty unrealistic because I didn't account for life at all. I was a new mother my entire life was changing and I needed to make adjustments. I completely disregarded the second factor...patience. To be completely honest it is still something I'm trying to work on. Over the years I've spent so much time beating myself up over the things I hadn't accomplished yet instead of celebrating the things I have. Having patience does not mean standing still. It means being ok with baby steps, learning from them, so that you don't trip when its time to walk, or fall when it's time to jump. 


What is patience? By definition patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay or suffering without getting angry or upset. In other words remaining at peace. Learning how to have patience means learning how to remain at peace. Taking steps to ensure your day goes peacefully is essential. 10 minutes of prayer or meditation in the morning does wonders. When your mind is at peace you can stay focused on the end goal, you can remain calm when life happens, and stay motivated to keep going.


The first step is recognizing the distractions. What are the things in your life making you feel unmotivated? It could be the people you're around, so you have to create space. It could be how you're spending your time, so find ways to stay productive regardless of limitations. It could be social media, so log out. Do whatever you have to do to protect your peace. Patience & motivation will come right along with it as you progress, and I'm sure there's some health & skin benefits too. 


Thanks for reading...



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