October 26, 2018




From the time I was in middle school and received my first sample size bottle of Amarige de Givenchy I fell in love with frangrances. My mother was at that time the queen of retail, working for different  department stores. She always kept a vanity full of designer frangrances and makeup, that I would go through and play in. Finally she gave me my first bottle and I distinctly remember the day I wore it. I sprayed it on that morning before school in 8th grade. I had gotten plenty of compliments that day, but it wasnt until after school that I knew I was on.


Walking to get snacks with my girls we ran into a few high school boys, one in particular that my best friend at the time was into ( I still don't know why). Anyway he happened to walk past me and complimented my perfume, she of course looked like she wanted to kill me and then sprayed on dang near my whole bottle when we got back to my house. The guy was wack sauce so I didn't care that he complimented me, but what I liked was that he was able to still smell my perfume that afternoon.


Prior to receiving my bottle, I was in the world of body sprays, and I thought you had to spray them on multiple times to keep the scent. However, the reason he could still smell my frangrance was not because I kept spraying it on, it was because my mother had told me the right way to wear it so that it would last through out the day.  When you work in retail as my mother and I have you sit through a lot of product knowledge meetings usually given by someone who works for the brand. These meetings give you information on the product, the inspiration, how it's meant to be worn, or in this case the best way to wear the product, what it is made of, where is was made, etc... My mother having sat through plenty of frangrance meetings gave me the low down, and when I began my retail journey I was able to add to what I already knew. Below is a list of the best ways to wear your favorite fragrance and make it last all day. 


1). Where you store your frangrance matters, make sure it is kept in a cool, dry place. Too much heat will break the perfume down and kill the scent.


2). Appy your lotion first, especially if it too has a scent, but try to go for unscented.


3). After you shower, apply your frangrance to your lotioned body before putting on your clothes. This makes the scent stay on your body all day. and others will be able to smell it through your clothing. 


4). Make sure you apply your scent to the warm areas of your body and your pulse points i.e. inside your elbows, neck, wrist, calves, behind the knees. Light sprays and you don't have to do all of them the warm areas help spread the scent around your body.  


5). Do not spray on your clothing in the morning or through the day. In the morning if you have already sprayed your body then adding the scent to your clothing is just overkill and the scent will become distracting.  When you spray your frangrance on top of your clothing though out the day you are mixing not only your frangrance but whatever scents your clothing has picked up as most cotton is absorbent smoke, food, etc... If you absolutely must spray then remove your shirt, wash your hands with soap, re-lotion and apply your frangrance.


I hope these tips were helpful I have also shared where you can pick up one of my favorite scents below.










Illicit Flower Fragrance




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