CABE Partners presents: Social Media Unfiltered

November 5, 2018


After following CABE Partners for quite sometime and experiencing total FOMO every time I miss one of their events, I was determined not to miss this one. Last night I attended their "Social Media Unfiltered" event held at C0-mmunity Creative Space in La Jolla. This was a discussion on how social media can affect our mental health, our confidence, our self worth. I really enjoyed listening to each panelist share their personal experiences and the methods they have adapted to combat against those negative feelings. Emily Torchiana talked about the ways in which some people use social media as a mask to hide whatever is really going on with them, and the importance of actually reaching out and checking on our friends not just going by whatever they post. Panelist Devin Jones spoke about setting boundaries for yourself when it comes to social media, ways to stay positive, and unfollowing those people or profiles that make you feel bad about yourself. Protecting your mindset and inner peace has to be your first priority. 


I have often thought about what life was like before all these apps and online social networks. There was once a time when people actually sat at tables and talked to each other instead of scrolling on their phones. These days if you look around it does not seem like those times ever existed. Social media has taken over and its very easy to get caught up in the likes, or lack of, followers, and so forth. When did it become that a person was not as amazing as another person because of how many followers they have? Well sadly that is the affect social media has had for many people especially our youth, and unfortunately is has resulted in higher cases of anxiety, depression, and even suicide. 


Author Megan Fenyoe was also a panelist at last nights event and she spoke about self value. Believing you are enough and capable of accomplishing your dreams, and goals. We cannot place our value on how many likes or followers we have. We cannot believe someone else is better than us because of the "highlight reel" we see on their Instagram. Kara Reis talked about being our authentic selves, and how we can make social media fun again by taking the pressure off of ourselves. It's ok to put the phone down and walk away, It's ok to not post, or to take a break from the gram. 


Social media has some amazing benefits and has opened so many doors, but when it starts to affect how we see ourselves or our health then it is a problem. Don't be afraid to take the mask off, there are millions of people in the world like myself who still appreciate true authenticity. Its ok to be YOU!


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