The Nail Shop

November 19, 2018



The Nail Shop

My favorite place to stop.

Twice a month maybe more,

for me its mandatory that my nails stay hot.

Sometimes I'm blood gangin' or maybe big crippin',

it really just depends on how I'm feelin'.

Clear to match my ice or black like a villain,

my colors stay changin' and that coffin shape stay killin'.

But short and cute works for me too,

you know I'm versatile with it boo.

Self care is very important to me,

That's how my mama raised me to be.

She said " babygirl keep yourself fresh, and fine,

smelling like roses, and graceful at all times.

So to the nail shop a thank you.

Since I was 15 years old you've been one of my favorite places to go to. 








What does your nail shape say about you?



So according to an artice written by Jihan Forbes on In Asia it is said that a persons personality type can be told by their nail shape, natural nail shape that is. Which one is yours?????



Vertically Long: "a mild-tempered romanticist,"


Broad sideways: "a short-tempered theorist."


Round or Egg shaped: "a laid back pacifist."


Squarish: "serious or hard headed."


Triangular: "a sensitive genius."


Almond-shaped: "faithful and honest"


Sword-shaped: "ambitious idealist" 











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