Pash's Toy Drive & Christmas Lunch

December 22, 2018


"Sometimes when we are generous in small undetectable ways it can change someone else's life forever" -Margaet Cho 


Let me tell you, this quote is the truth! You have no idea how even the smallest gesture can change someones life. Recently I watched a documentary on Karl Lagerfeld and he talked about how he hated being a child because he felt he was ignored and always overlooked. He did not feel important or like anyone cared to listen when he spoke. I understood what he meant because growing up in a large family I sometimes felt this way. What stood out to me as a child were the moments when an adult took the time out to make me feel special. I was blessed with family members who did this for me and I grew up wanting to do the same. You never go wrong giving to a child, making them feel loved and putting a smile on their face. Showing them examples of giving and love at a young age will stay with them forever. In this crazy world that is getting crazier everyday it is all of our jobs to pour as much love and learning into them as possible. 


For awhile now I have wanted to do something to help kids in some way I just wasn't sure which direction to go. I've always respected what the Boys & Girls club stands for and what they do for kids. The most recent story I read was about ballet dancer Misty Copeland and how the Boys & Girls Club played a significant role in her life. When I reached out to the director of the BGC in San Diego Tesha Young she responded right away, was so kind, and got me all set up for my toy drive donations. 


On Sunday Dec 16th my mom and I planned a cozy Christmas lunch and toy drive at my home, catered by Crafted Greens here in El Cajon. Our guests enjoyed a fully stocked hot chocolate bar, a delicious lunch, wine, and even some fun crafts and games! I couldn't believe all the donations received and how well everything went. I am so happy we did this, and when I dropped the donations off I could see the BGC staff was very happy as well. All of the toys donated were wrapped on Monday and distributed to the 14 BGC locations throughout San Diego county. Christmas parties were held all week and Mrs. Young assured me she would email me photos of the children opening their gifts which I will add to this post as soon as I have them.


It feels good to do good, and I am forever grateful to everyone who donated and helped make this happen. So many people reached out to me afterwards about wanting to attend and honestly I wish I had invited more. It was a bit short notice and with the holidays I was not sure how the turn out would be, but now that I know I can't not wait to plan next year's so get ready!!!!!!! 


Happy Holidays,














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