NYE dress

January 4, 2019



It was love at first sight when this generous person walked into my sewing class and offered us students a ton of free fabric. I saw this absolutely beautiful luxurious velvet burnout metallic animal print fabric in one of the boxes. I couldn't believe how much of it there was and that it was free. I went for it but of course another student grabbed it before me. I think she must've noticed my heartbreak because a few minutes later she said "hey Pash do you think you could do something with this? I don't think I want it." I wanted to hug her! I took my new fabric home and started sketching. This was back in September so my original design was for a deep v, ruffled dress to wear in October for my birthday. I did not have a pattern, plus I have been studying pattern making so I wanted to challenge myself. I began by transferring my measurements to butcher paper, and pinning them to my body form, until I got my fit right. Next I transferred my pattern onto muslin, and began constructing the dress. I did that about 3 different times for fit reasons before I measured and cut my velvet.


As it got closer to my birthday I realized my plans didn't really call for this type of dress and while I still think the deep v and ruffles are a look, I started to get a different vision for this fabric. So I took the entire dress apart and because I've had so many other things going on, the pieces have just sat until the morning of New Years Eve, when I got the bright idea to wear it that night.


It was freezing here in San Diego and my husband and I had plans downtown on the waterfront which to me meant extra freezing. I really wanted to get dressed up but I wanted to be warm, this fabric is the perfect combination of both. It was a little too cold for my v-neck idea so I decided to go with a moc turtle neck instead and long sleeves. I basted the entire dress first and tried it on about 5 or six times to adjust the fit. Finally it was ready and I am so proud of the end result. 6 hours later with 3 kids asking me for something every second and teaching my daughter how to use her new sewing machine at the same time (because of course we had to do it at that very moment) my NYE dress was finally done. My husband and I attended Big Night San Diego at the Hilton Bayfront and my dress was perfect for the occasion, the metallic gold accents in the animal print gave of the best NYE glow. Check her out below and feel free to leave your thoughts I named her Bianca!


Thanks for reading & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









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