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January 9, 2019

Last year in 2018 my some-what neglected Imac desktop computer just stopped turning on for some reason. We are a family full of gadgets from iPhones to tablets, laptops, etc...with all of these options for wiring in, we hardly ever used the desktop anymore so I guess it finally had enough. I was told that I could have it repaired but will most likely loose everything on it photos, videos, docs, etc..Now I know I know I should have had everything saved somewhere or backed up, but hey I don't. I am the person that kept saying over and over I would do it and didn't. If everything does get lost I am going to loose some really precious photos of my kids, my grandmother, and who knows what else. I've been bummed about it but my 2019 mantra in "no talking, just doing," so with that said I decided to go crazy on saving and making sure all my precious photos are printed or stored properly. 


I bought these beautiful gold photo albums from Home Goods for about $10 each. I hadn't even finished filling them up yet but they have already become a point of interest in our home. Over the holidays I watched my family and friends go through them smiling and remembering good times, it made me so thankful I had done it. It's great that we can take these instant photos and see them anytime we want on our phones but how many times do we forget that they are even there? I honestly don't even think about them until a Facebook memory pops up. It is not as though I forgot about that time but it feels like they get lost in the sea of pointless selfies, screenshots, and party pics on our phones. Its only when I am threatened with the possible "all your photos will be lost" that I think of them.


Putting my albums together was so much fun. Of course my kiddos got involved so I was able to show them family members they never met, and tell them stories. I'm not gonna lie I went through a world of emotions from laughter to tears and back again, but I loved answering their questions and sharing our family history. To print my photos I used my HP 6250 all in one printer, as well as HP high gloss photo paper. If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen my gallery wall, which I also printed with my HP printer, my gold frames were all purchased from Target





























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