July 20, 2019




Recently an article was published on stating that "Psychologists Recommend Mothers Should Take Breaks Also Known as "Mom-cations." DUH!!! Are we really just now realizing this? Of course we should take mom-cations, you want to keep us sane right? According to the article by Kris Di, "mom-cations" benefit the whole family. Dr. Nava Silton says that "it's important for children to see that balance that ideally needs to be achieved in a family situation." Motherhood involves a lot more work than just raising the children, and can result in a massive amount of emotional stress.  Whether you're a mom of 1 or a mom of 10 you deserve a break. People often ask me how I keep so much energy after having four children, I usually joke and say its because I never get to stop or sit down, but honestly I never really get to stop or sit down. There is NO deep couch sitting! As soon as you're comfortable someone needs water, a snack, a hug, whatever. A daily routine of this will start to drive anyone a little crazy. Mom-cations are essential for our mental health, as well as our physical health. A weekend of uninterrupted sleep in a comfortable bed without a baby foot in your ass does wonders for your body and your energy. Don't feel bad about taking a break moms, that "mom-guilt" is some bull I know but try to block that shit, and don't let people "mom-guilt" you either. You deserve this!





I have always believed in taking a "mom-cation" and I take mine every year with 2 other moms who happen to be my cousins. Our yearly vacays began a few years back in Las Vegas and we've managed to keep the party going ever since. This year we decided to check out the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. This has by far been our best trip. From the food, the people, the culture this trip was like no other. We danced all over Bourbin St. We threw beads at chicks flashing boobs (yes you read that right), we ate fried everything, well almost I stuck to seafood, and we got the pleasure of hearing our Forever First Lady Mrs. Obama speak. My eyes filled with tears sitting in the super dome listening to her words. This trip left me feeling so inspired, empowered and proud of our culture. 

This refresh was exactly what I needed. I returned home to my family feeling rested, happy and ready to get back to business. We are already planning our next mom-cation!


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Shades: Rayban

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Shorts: Cotton On

Shoes: Nike 

Hair by: Lorraine @ Premier Image Hair Studio, Lemon Grove, Ca 

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