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"It Was All a Dream: A New Generation Confronts the Broken Promise to Black America." By: Reniqua Allen

August 22, 2019

Reniqua Allen interviews dozens of black millennials who are trying to gain upward mobility within their careers, education, and economic status. Each one having their own unique personal journey but facing similar challenges. They discuss their personal experiences and obstacles of trying to be successful in a system that was created to oppress. From the civil rights era to post Obama, Allen examines the political and historical racial inequality that still exists. By sharing the personal journey of her interviewees we are able to see what millennials are doing to fight back against inequality, and stereotypes to succeed against all odds. This book is informative, and a must-read for African American youth. It is an eye opener as to the reality of our still very divided society. The chapters on debt, housing, and the working-class are exceptional and show just how much African Americans were impacted during the crash of the housing market, and how inaccessible higher education has become for black youth. I found this book to be well thought out and organized. Allen provides facts as well as personal experience to give the reader proof that the "American Dream" was not promised to all Americans. Instead we see that it is just that "a dream." The promise that faith, determination, and hard work will result in economic abundance, did not include those who have been and are faced with limitations due to racial/gender discrimination.


 Rated: MUST READ 



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