February 11, 2017
Spring fever
Spring fever is in the air and if you've been out shopping lately you've probably caught it too. Our favorite boutiques are swapping out outerwear, and replacing them with blush tones, light fabrics, and soft textures. If you're not sure where to begin with creating your spring wardrobe, start with these 5 spring must have staples that have been spotted on all of our favorite fashionistas. What is great about each piece is that they are totally transitional, they can be dressed up or down, and will most likely go with items you already own.  
statement sunnies
Investing in a pair of fabulous sunglasses is something you won't regret. Think of them as an instant boost of chic to whatever you're wearing. Spring is perfect time to showcase a great pair of sunnies. There are so many day events throughout the city and the weather here in so cal is usually amaze. When I pick sunglasses I usually look for unique shapes, and colors. I love nude shades for spring because they flow well with lighter outfits.
The Denim Jacket
The denim jacket is probably something you already have in your closet, honestly it never really seems to go away. Last year it re-emerged as one of fashions hottest tools, and a major key in adding edge to your look. Having one on hand for spring 2017 is definitely a good idea
Neutral Bodysuits
Neutral bodysuits are great to have year around. Guaranteed you will use them and have something to go with them. For spring 2017 the neutral bodysuit is a perfect staple and layering component. Bodysuits are sexy and compliment the body well when paired with the right piece. Neutral colors look great under/with sheer fabrics, and printed designs.
The sweat pant
Athletic wear is where its at right now and I'm here for it. I love when fashion lends us an extra bit of comfort. Sweat pants, track pants, and even hoodies are being paired with sandals, booties, and thigh highs. I Know I know "florals for spring, how original" but they're on sweat pants!


Since the drop of Kanye West's Season 2 Yeezy Lucite sandals, it seems that lucites are back and are here to stay. Now you can find lucites in thigh highs, ankle booties and sandals. Definitely expect to see them around this spring.
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