November 13, 2016
Thigh high boots have been around for a while. I remember going to Nordstrom when I was a little girl and my aunt Sherry purchasing a pair of Guess black leather thigh highs, they were so beautiful to me. I was way too young to wear anything like that back then but they were the first boots to make it onto my wish list.  
This year you can find an amazing pair of thigh high boots on almost every fashionista, celebrity, and socialite. Brands like Stuart Weitzman, Balmain, and Louboutin have created a variety of to-die for styles, as well as our favorite wallet friendly boutiques like Lolashoetique, Public Desire, and Simmi Shoes. 
One of the questions I get asked in regards, to my boots is how do I keep them from slouching. There are a couple things you can do to prevent this. First of all lace ups are a great way to go, obviously you can tighten them as you much as you want. For all of your other styles here are a few tips to try...
  • leg warmers; use a pair, or layer 2, to fill the empty space inside your boot
  • Thigh high socks
  • Double sided tape, or fashion glue between the boot and sock on the calf, and thighs
  • Garters
Not sure how to style your thigh high boots?... My best advice is to just try on, whatever you are thinking about doing with them, try it all on accessories, hair, bag, everything. My mom always told me you're never gonna know if you really like it or not unless you try it on. As long as you feel comfortable, & confident that's all that matters. These boots are meant to be seen so don't be afraid to have some fun with them. 
Outfit 1:
Shades. Porche Design
Top. Forever 21
Shorts. Eden Sky
Boots. Tony Bianco 
Outfit 2:
Jeweled vest. Bebe
Tee. my husbands
Jacket. Forever 21
Boots. Simmi Shoes
Outfit: 3
Jacket. Forever 21
Shirt. Express
Bralette. SorelleUK
Boots. Tony Bianco

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